First creative steps …

Here an example of what our youngest can engage with. This short clip shows a daytime project, that engaged her not only with the art of story telling (aurally and visually) and to some degree with technical aspects of capturing the story on that day, but also with puppet making in previous Steiner Kindergarten sessions.  On the day she explored the creation of a setting from natural materials and found objects, setting the stage much like the seasonal “nature table”.  To create the constructed environment – the house and a ship – she cut paper and was naturally re-appropriating buttons and household items for her story to make stars, birds or bats.


As the project is giving  voice to the child’s own imagination the video clip demonstrates very nicely what a creative child could be able to do. One could call the clip the first creative steps of a six year old film maker, but this path may not necessarily be the one the child will choose herself in the future, that is not important, it is more important to playfully support feeding the senses (tactile, aural and visual) and to some degree to support becoming spatially aware while developing communication skills.

A longer version (not the director’s cut) has been posted on our Youtube channel.



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