“A Farm School Day” and “First Dark’s Bright” movies are now online

The First Dark’s Bright (3min) and A Farm School Day (10min) have been posted on Trefoil’s YouTube channel. These are two very different productions that combine a variety of creative techniques – such as acting, compositing and animation – and sound recording. The movies showcase the imagination of different groups of children, 8–12 years old. In one-day workshops over four weeks children have been developing their ideas to a script and then working with video and also sound effects design to make it come alive.

We rehearsed but often also improvised and experimented, exploring different settings, techniques and aesthetics. Children’s different interests and levels of abilities were applied, during development of the movies allowing for plenty of fun, but also providing a great learning experience for the more advanced and technically interested ones during the execution of the production, such as directing, camera operation and recording location sound.

After completion the results were premiered and presented to kids and impressed families. Some children are now excited to learn about the post production side of movie making and we will learn audio and video editing together in the Autumn term.

Please comment, like and share after watching both movies on YouTube


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