savia-bannerWhether you are looking for a tutor of AV media arts or an afternoon school for your children to actively engage with tools of audio and video production. SAViA offers playful education for children and young adults across a wide range of disciplines, and facilitates young creatives’ engagement with the tools for art, media and design while creating meaningful projects, such as animation, music production or film making.

Be it for children’s and student’s personal artistic endeavours, or supporting to pursue a career in design or creative industries later in life, being aware of and deploying one’s senses, as well as one’s technical skills, while maintaining a critical view is a key ingredient. Short courses and afternoon activities for children and youth are designed by our tutors and reason for excellent results and feedback.

‘What I find so beautiful and important about Savia’s work is the creative empowerment the process evokes for the children. We as adults get an incredibly privileged glimpse into that extraordinarily rich world through the finished pieces of artwork. By using the technologies of the 21st century that our children are by now all too familiar with, Alexander accesses a timeless sense of creativity, play and imagination. ‘ Read the full Testimonial by Kathryn Jordan.

At SAViA the creative personality is encouraged and new means of expression are added to everyone’s palette. This is formed equally through engagement with the sonic environment as through observations of light, nature and mediated forms.

Trefoil-staff-imagePractical projects, short courses and afternoon activities for children and youth are designed by academically qualified tutors such as Alexander Wendt BSc, MA, PGCert / FHEA. Alexander does not only hold expertise on the subject of audio and video technology and possesses ten-year teaching experience at university level, he is also an artist/researcher and has engaged children in various artistic practical projects for the past three years. He held a summer residency workshop for field recording and sound art at V22, London and supports local school projects, with audio & video technology and artistic direction to realize pupils vision outside the conventional class room.