Some excellent work has been created by children (and teenagers) of Savia, and though most of the projects we have designed and run were not specifically for an audience, we add some works to the publicly-accessible selection of  SAViA productions every now and then. These movies not only entertain but also showcase the diversity of our young creatives exploring taught techniques on our YouTube channel – SAViA TV.

The works appear alongside other curated movies on the channel relating to subject and/or technique. But judge for yourself here:…SAViA-TV



Ecology and cultural learning

The Learning Planet

screenshot-2016-09-08-10-03-04 Infographic produced by A New Direction

A New Direction has begun a new piece of research which applies ecological concepts to understand creative and cultural ecosystems, and how they can be nurtured for the future benefit of children and young people. They have been doing research into equality of access to cultural opportunities in a changing and varied city, and realised that they needed to learn more about the networks and complex interactions that lead to cultural engagement. They wanted to go beyond a straightforward or geographical mapping of assets, to more deeply consider the role that culture plays in the lived experience of children and young people. Some of the concepts they are looking at include interconnection, webs and networks, regeneration, symbiosis, and fragility and strength.

To kick off the exploration, they invited John Holden to write a paper (which you can download from the link above, as well…

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“A Farm School Day” and “First Dark’s Bright” movies are now online

The First Dark’s Bright (3min) and A Farm School Day (10min) have been posted on Trefoil’s YouTube channel. These are two very different productions that combine a variety of creative techniques – such as acting, compositing and animation – and sound recording. The movies showcase the imagination of different groups of children, 8–12 years old. In one-day workshops over four weeks children have been developing their ideas to a script and then working with video and also sound effects design to make it come alive.

We rehearsed but often also improvised and experimented, exploring different settings, techniques and aesthetics. Children’s different interests and levels of abilities were applied, during development of the movies allowing for plenty of fun, but also providing a great learning experience for the more advanced and technically interested ones during the execution of the production, such as directing, camera operation and recording location sound.

After completion the results were premiered and presented to kids and impressed families. Some children are now excited to learn about the post production side of movie making and we will learn audio and video editing together in the Autumn term.

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V22 Workshop at Louise House

24-July-2016: One day workshop organized for V22 at Louise House , Forest Hill, London: Armed with microphones and cameras, the children of Savia and workshop participants will explore the locale, hunt for sounds in the Community Garden, the Old Laundry and the surroundings of Louise House. Children will be able to learn about sound recording and their sonic environment while gathering and editing material for a final presentation.

This event is part of the Summer Club Sound residency at V22 Summer Club 2016. For booking and information please check the V22 event online. And please email Summer Club Sound to reserve a space.

Venue info


V22 Louise House

Dartmouth Road
Forest Hill
SE23 3HZ

Overground: Forest Hill
Bus: 122, 176, 197


First creative steps …

Here an example of what our youngest can engage with. This short clip shows a daytime project, that engaged her not only with the art of story telling (aurally and visually) and to some degree with technical aspects of capturing the story on that day, but also with puppet making in previous Steiner Kindergarten sessions.  On the day she explored the creation of a setting from natural materials and found objects, setting the stage much like the seasonal “nature table”.  To create the constructed environment – the house and a ship – she cut paper and was naturally re-appropriating buttons and household items for her story to make stars, birds or bats.


As the project is giving  voice to the child’s own imagination the video clip demonstrates very nicely what a creative child could be able to do. One could call the clip the first creative steps of a six year old film maker, but this path may not necessarily be the one the child will choose herself in the future, that is not important, it is more important to playfully support feeding the senses (tactile, aural and visual) and to some degree to support becoming spatially aware while developing communication skills.

A longer version (not the director’s cut) has been posted on our Youtube channel.


Saatchi Arts Prize Movie in Trefoil’s portfolio

The great portfolio of Trefoil Montessori Farm School for Saatchi Arts Prize selection contains also Thinking Inside A Box, a 30 minute movie, that was produced during multiple workshops combining model making and acting with various techniques.

IMG_ThinkBoxThe movie is a good example of what is possible in our media classes, but also a good demonstration of everyone’s capabilities and imagination, creatively hands on but also to describe one’s own work. Interestingly the participating children also make things up on the fly if imagination is been let run free, …