Alexander Wendt

BSc, MA, PGCert / FHEA

Alexander Wendt engages children at SAViA with Audio and Video equipment for storytelling and artistic experimentation. Since 2013 he works with children of Trefoil Montessori Farm School, East Grinstead. He takes children on field trips and expeditions to learn and experience nature.  As part of the parent partnership  programme he facilitates engagement with sound ecology, phonography, converging the sonic landscape with digital storytelling and assists a multitude of drama and film projects .

After studying Multimedia Engineering and Special Effects Design in London, Alexander has been professionally engaged with work for film, radio, and stage.  After attaining a Masters in New Media Production in Liverpool Alexander has become a researcher and academic teaching a multitude of subjects – Arts, Video and Music Technology – for more than ten years in London.

For his research and own artistic practice Alexander engages in fields circumfering visual and sonic arts.  He creates installations and performances, investigates interplay of and interaction with audio/visual concepts and is most knowledgeable about sound engineering / music production and lighting / photography.

Apart from his artistic practice he is organizing workshops for adults in sometimes remote locations, attends/presents at symposia and conferences and researches aural visual culture of the post-millennial society for aspects of production practice of screen based media, socio-cultural and conceptual development of field education.

His arguments and debates include engagement with silence / quietude – environmentally (sound ecology), psychologically (narrative film) both as source for contemplation and as creative well.

His work has been published in print, appeared on screen, stage and in gallery spaces internationally.