‘The audio and visual projects that Savia / Alexander Wendt has facilitated at Trefoil Farm School have been truly inspirational. Alexander  has an innate ability to spark children’s creativity, nurturing and developing it into extraordinary pieces of work.
I have been consistently impressed and moved by the projects he has created with the children.


What I find so beautiful and important about Savia’s work is the creative empowerment the process evokes for the children. We as adults get an incredibly privileged glimpse into that extraordinarily rich world through the finished pieces of artwork. By using the technologies of the 21st century that our children are all too familiar with, Alexander accesses a timeless sense of creativity, play and imagination.

In a time where media technology is taking increasing control over our lives, the important work Savia is doing puts children directly back in control of media technology, making it work for them in surprising and inspiring ways.’

Kathryn Jordan, Independent Educator and Facilitator of Arts & Crafts, Creative Learning  at Trefoil

Kathryn Jordan

IMG_9594xEden (6 years) after her first field recording session exploring Ashdown Farm with portable sound recorder and headphones: “I never want to listen with my ears again …”